As I was looking through Pinterest for different ideas of stickers that I could possibly make, I came across this sticker.  It really stood out to me in a few different ways.  First off, it stood out to me because I love to snowboard and the goggles caught my eye.  Second, I like how the artist decided to design this sticker.  I really like the detail that this artist put into this sticker.  It’s nothing that’s too complicated to look at.  It has a lot of detail but that detail is simple detail.


An example of simple detail would be the tongue.  It’s just one color and then it has some dots as the shading.  Super basic and simple but it all works.

I thought that it was really interesting how this artist did the highlights on the nose.  I thought that it was a really good idea and creative how he did it.

Another thing that I thought was really cool and interesting was the goggles.  Again it was nice and simple I love the 2 different colors in the class with the mountains “reflecting” in them.

The artist did a really good job with the coloring in this as well.  They did a nice job using triad colors.  I think that this artist nailed it.

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